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WAPL Event Layout

WAPL Tournaments -

The registration period usually goes for 1 hour before an event starts.

Once registration is complete, everyone is seated in their own randomly allocated seats as shown on the projector screen.

There is one break during an event. The break is at the end of the 300/600 blind round. During this time, staff will attend each table to check chip counts to make sure no chips are missing off the tables, and chip up to get lower denomination chips off the tables.

We continue play after the break, with the top ranked players receiving the most league points for the night, and top ranked Pro players winning cash prizes, too!

Tournament start times will differ depending on the venue, but most of our nightly WAPL tournaments will be played between 7pm and 11:30pm, where the finishing time may be earlier due to faster play.

Best of luck in all tournaments you enter, and most of all, have fun! Remember, you can always come back to http://wapokerleague.com.au to check your and your friends' league rankings, how many points you need to make to get to first position, where and when the next tournaments are coming up, as well as any special events and news that might be happening soon with WAPL and its members!