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WAPL Prizes

WAPL Pro League - You're buying in to play in a licensed event that raises money for charity, and therefore are playing to win a cash prize based on your position at the end of the tournament!

As far as prizes for Pro League tournaments are concerned, depending on the number of players and the buy-in amount for the tournament, the final prize money will be distributed between the top ranking players! This is usually the top 10% of players.

In a Pro League Tournament with a buy-in, not all of that buy-in is returned in the prize pool at the end of the event. A portion of the buy-in goes towards a non-profit organisation in order to meet costs associated with the licensing and operation of the poker tournaments, and of course to raise funds for them! Funds raised by the non-profits through poker gaming functions go towards the betterment of the WA community, ensuring that your poker is also helping those in need!

The WAPL Pro Grand Finals are the biggest tournaments of the season, and celebrate the end of the WAPL Seasons!