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15/03/2011 8:22:34 PM
Win your Steps at Pro events now! Plus other great changes!

After much consultation and suggestions from members, we have some trial changes from this week to the payout structure for Championship tickets, Steps to Success tickets and Cash Tables.

Pro League payouts will no longer include the $200 Championship event seat paid out to 1st place in larger events. In place of this, the top 3 places (or top 1 in <15 Pro events) will win a $40 Step 1 Seat plus cash for their payouts. This removes the accumulation of a large portion of the prize pool to 1st and spreads it back out across the prize winners.

As players win Step 1 tickets (electronically recorded for convenience) we will be running Step 1 Sit n Goes at Pro events, leading the winner to a $200 step 2 seat, with 2nd & 3rd place winning a repeat at the Step 1.

In an effort to help everyone make the most out of their Steps tickets and still be able to qualify for the major Championship Events, all Steps to Success seats are transferable and combinable to other Steps or Championship Event Seats. For example, if you win a Step 2 seat (worth $200), you can use this in either a Step 2 OR a Championship Event. If you've won 5 Step 1 seats ($40 each), you can combine them to one $200 Step 2 or Championship Event Seat. You can also combine Step ticket values and top up any extra required to meet the appropriate Step/Seat you want to play in! (eg. combine 3x $200 Step 2's + $100 cash to play in a $700 Step 3 to have a 1 in 8 chance at the $4000 Vegas Package!)

Cash Tables are available to all current WAPL members. Priority to Cash Tables goes to Pro League players then Free League players playing in tournaments at the event. The commission is still averaged at 7.5%, with an increase to the max cap to $40.

All cash poker events are operated to raise funds for charity or not for profit organisations like Claremont and South Fremantle Football Clubs. Profits raised by WAPL operated events goes towards Club fundraising and helping fund charitable health and welfare causes in Western Australia.

All Gaming Functions by Permit under Section 47 of the Act conducted for various not for profits by Western Australian Poker League Pty. Ltd.

Western Australian Poker League promotes and conducts responsible gaming. If you feel you may have a problem gaming issue, we encourage you to call the Gambling Helpline on 1800 858 858 and also see www.gamblinghelpline.org.au