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22/04/2011 11:52:03 PM
Tournament of Champions @ Paddo, Monday 25/4

Tournament of Champions at Paddo

Congratulations to the following players for winning their venues and qualifying for the Tournament of Champions. See you at the Paddington this Monday!

Pro League - $1800 Prize Pool

Payouts   -   Winner $900 plus the Leon Best Trophy

Second $540

Third $360

Penny Wells      -    Claremont Football Club

Jackie Bailey    -    Brighton Hotel

Cameron Murray    -     Geraldton Beach Hotel

Jay Poa    -    Market City Tavern

Rhonda Hulshoff    -    Paddington Alehouse

Kris Hateley    -    Roundhouse

David Evans    -    The Boat

 Rob Ray    -    Woodvale Tavern

Rob Ray    -    Woodbridge Hotel

Free League

Lynette Chalmers    -    Brighton Hotel

Frank Maley     -    Claremont Football Club

Steven McCarthy    -    Elephant & Wheelbarrow Pub

Dale Hogarth    -    Geraldton Beach Hotel

Jeremy Thomas    -    Market City Tavern

Margo Spencer    -    Paddington Alehouse

Larry Gane    -    Roundhouse

Jeremy Thomas    -    South Fremantle Football Club

Julie Stevens    -    Southerlys Dongara

Terry Smith    -    The Boat

Paul Lord    -    Woodvale Tavern

To Be Confirmed    -    Woodbridge Hotel

All members are invited to come down to The Paddo to support their venue teammates and join in some great poker with these special events available to all members:

Pro League - $50 Buy-in at 7pm - $40 to Prize Pool

Free League Double Header at 7pm and again @ 9pm

Cash Tables and Sit n Goes from 6pm

See You There!

Gaming Function by Permit under Section 47 of the Act conducted for Poker for Charity Association