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14/06/2011 3:47:19 PM
Team WAPL Macau Championship Event Schedule

From July, major Championship events to win your $4000 Team WAPL Macau package will be run on the last Sunday of the month at 12pm at Elephant & Wheelbarrow, Northbridge.

$100 buy-in, with single $80 re-buy or top-up option

based on prize pool, the top player(s) win a

$4000 Team WAPL Macau Package

Places missing out on the Team WAPL Macau Package are awarded Championship Currency (cc) towards your package, Steps, Championship Events or Pro League Grand Final buy-in!

4 or 8 player Steps Sit'n'Goes will run on demand.

For more information on Steps and how to get more Championship Currency towards your Team WAPL Macau Package, visit our Steps page

For more information about the Team WAPL Macau Package, including testimonials, visit our Macau page

Top placed player(s) win the $4000 Team WAPL Macau Package for every $4000 in the prize pool from this event. 1 in 50 entries/re-buys/top-ups is 1 package. Should the prize pool not exceed $4000, or for any extra in the prize pool after packages are awarded, $700, $200, or $60 in Championship Currency will be awarded to the next highest ranked players depending on the amount remaining. A vote may be taken by all players at final table or those in the money for the winner to 'top up' to a $4000 package if there is not enough in the prize pool for this, but this must be agreed to by 100% of the remaining players to occur.

Gaming Function by Permit issued under Section 47 of the Act for Poker for Charity Association