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27/06/2011 6:47:46 PM
Win a tournament for you and your mates by playing Pro now!

Thanks to our sponsors FM Liquor, the Classic Beer Company, you now have a chance to win MORE when you play Pro League events at WA Poker League.

1 tournament pack per week to give away!

Every time you play in a Pro event during a week, you get an entry in the draw, with the prize of a great 8 player tournament for you and 7 mates, plus a Beer and Cider pack to take home and celebrate afterwards! Your mates won't need WAPL membership to play in your tournament, and with options of Friday nights at Claremont FC and some Saturdays at South Fremantle FC, you have lots of options for you and your mates to arrange this event!

We will attempt to contact the winner of this tournament based on your WAPL Member information. If this needs updating please email your new contact details along with your name to info@wapokerleague.com.au

Winners will also be announced on our Facebook page, http://www.facebook.com/WAPokerLeague/ and via Twitter, http://www.twitter.com/wapokerleague/

Best of luck! We look forward to hosting a tournament for you and your mates soon!