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26/01/2012 8:05:23 PM
Aussie Millions - Patrick Healy in the money again!


UPDATE:   Pat got his chips in with AhAc to find one of the bigger stacks holding AhKs and with a flop of Jh 6h 3h the pressure went sky high on the table. The turn was a Qs which added to Yann Dions outs being on both Flush and straight draws, but to Pats relief the river was the 9d and Pat won 1.7M and the chip lead.

G O   P A T R I C K !!!

UPDATE:  Day 5 has started with a bang, Phil Ivey eliminated by one of the big stacks (Dion) and in another hand the other Perth based player on F/T Mile Krstanoski takes a big chunk of Lee Nelsons chips to put Lee at the bottom of the Chip Count list with only 895k.(Mile 2.8M   Pat 1.6M)

Patrick is sitting at 5th out of 11 and waiting for the moment to take his chance we reakon.         Go Pat!!!!

UPDATE : At the end of Day 4 Patrick Healy is in the final 12 players in the Aussie Millions! He has lost his chip lead and is currently 7th in chips overall, butt the field is very tight! He has 1.58 million in chips, and the chip leader is on 2.67 million. It really is anyone's tournament! Good luck tomorrow Patrick!

UPDATE : After nearly 1 hour of Day 4 play with the blinds at 5k/10k Patrick is going well in second on the chip leader board, assisted when his pocket Aces held against fellow Australian David Steike's pocket Kings in one of the early hands of the day.

Keep it up Patrick!

We're happy to say that Team WAPL Member Patrick Healy is again doing impressively well in an international tournament! This time Patrick is right up there as chip leader in the Aussie Millions!!! With 35 players remaining, all in the money, Patrick has the top spot as of our last report.

Congratulations Patrick, we look forward to hearing more soon! Ship it!

UPDATE : As at end of Day 3, Patrick is 3rd chip leader, on over 1.3 million chips, only 23,000 short of Tim O'Shea in 2nd, and the chip leader, Matt Turk, has over 2.6 million. Best of luck in Day 4 Patrick. You are doing an incredible job!