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8/03/2012 7:50:51 PM

Even though Season 18 has started


WAPL S17 Finals Tournament Schedule:

       SAT 17th @ South Fremantle F/Club, Cantonment St, Fremantle

  Event 1:   Pro League Grand Final $200 Buy-in for Qualifiers*  Sat 17/3 11-45am

  Event 2:   Free League Grand Final $0 Buy-in for Qualifiers      Sat 17/3 11-45am

  Event 3:   $10 Mega Re-Buy Event $10 Buy-in for all starters    Sat 17/3  1-30pm

       * Pro League Grand Final Buy-in for 101 plus is $200 - for Top 100 is $100     

               SUN 18th @ Albion Hotel, Stirling H'way, Cottesloe

       Pro League Grand Final Day 2 - play resumes at 12-30pm    Sun 18/3 12noon

  Event 4:   HOP Team Event $40 Buy-in for all starters**                Sun 18/3 1-30pm

  Event 5:   $10 Mega Re-Buy Event $10 Buy-in for all starters    Sun 18/3 2-30pm

      ** HOP Events comprise of 3 players doing Hold-em, Omaha and Pineapple

     Cash Tables and Sit n Go's available from 12noon to 6pm on both Sat & Sun

 MON 19th @ Paddington Alehouse, Scarb Bch Rd, Mt Hawthorn

  Event 6:   Pro - Tournament of Champions For Qualifiers     Mon 19/3  7pm

  Event 6:   Pro - Tournament of Champions For Qualifiers     Mon 19/3  7pm

  Event 7:   Free - Tournament of Champions For Qualifiers    Mon 19/3  7pm

Venue Champions for Season 17

Congratulations to the following Venue Champions.

See you at the Paddington Alehouse on Monday 19th for the ToC Finals

Claremont F/Club:   Pro - Penny Wells   Free - Frank Maley

Elephant & W/Barrow:   Free - Alex Bettink

Friar Tucks:   Free - John Ambrock

Golden Ponds:   Free - Bas Snijder

Market City Tav:   Pro - Aaron Adams   Free - Jeremy Thomas

Paddington A/Hse:   Pro - Mike Catalano   Free - Ben Breuseker

Roundhouse Tav:   Pro - Gary Christie   Free - Ben Breuseker

Southerly's Dongara:   Free - Noel McVeigh

The Boat:   Pro - Tony Hawker   Free - Jan Burke

The Clansmen:   Pro - Rob Smith   Free - George Green

Woodbridge Hotel:   Pro - Julie Biffin   Free - Tony Keys

Woodvale Tavern:   Pro - Barry Stribling   Free - Karla Mitchell

Come on down to the Paddo on Monday after the Grand Final

Support your Venue Champ.

All Gaming by Permit issued under Section 47 of the Act for various not for profit organisations