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18/06/2013 3:12:49 AM
More chances to win your $100 PoCA Challenge seat!

We're running a series of quick $10 re-buy events in the coming months to enable our members to win $100 tickets to the Poker for Charity Challenge events!

For those with a dream to join Team WAPL and play in the awesome Pokerstars Red Dragon events in Macau, this is your chance to get there for as little as $10!

These events have a maximum of 3 re-buys/top-ups, which can be taken at any point up to the end of 200/400. Blind levels start at 25/50 and are 10 minutes, with starting stack, re-buys and top-ups 1500.

These events start at 6pm on the following dates at the Woodvale Tavern and Beaumaris Sports Clubs -

Tue 18 Jun Beaumaris S/Club @ 6-00pm

Thu 27 Jun Woodvale Tavern @ 6-00pm

Tue 2 July Beaumaris S/Club @ 6-00pm

Thu 11 July Woodvale Tavern @ 6-00pm

Tue 16 July Beaumaris S/Club @ 6-00pm

Thu 25 July Woodvale Tavern @ 6-00pm

Tue 30 July Beaumaris S/Club @ 6-00pm

Thu 8 Aug Woodvale Tavern @ 6-00pm

Tue 13 Aug Beaumaris S/Club @ 6-00pm

Thu 22 Aug Woodvale Tavern @ 6-00pm

Enjoy, and good luck winning your PoCA Challenge tickets!