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27/11/2013 4:12:36 PM
Season 24 Grand Finals this weekend! Sunday 1st Dec!

WAPL Season 24 Grand Finals

Here is the information for the Season 24 Grand Final!

For those Pro players buying in, you CAN USE any remaining $100 PoCA Challenge Tickets to buy-in in part or in full to this Grand Final! Don't forget to bring your ticket(s) with you!

Pro League - Overall Season ranking prizes

1st - Season Champion Trophy & $200 Grand Final Entry

2nd - $200 Grand Final Entry

3rd - $200 Grand Final Entry

4th - $200 Grand Final Entry

5th - $200 Grand Final Entry

In addition to the overall league rankings, the top player for each venue at the end of the season will also win a $100 qualification into the Tournament of Champions held at the end of the season! Second player from each venue has the option to buy-in to this great event for $100!

Only Pro League venues running for over 5 weeks during a season will be eligible for the winning qualification, and if a player has already gained qualification through another venue, it does not automatically qualify a lower ranked player for the prize.

  • Single Day Grand Final!
  • Great Prize Pool!
  • Quality event, quality venue
  • 10,000 starting stack FREEZEOUT
  • 30 min blinds
  • Mega Re-buy side event
  • Cash Tables
  • Sit N Goes

    More Details -

    Locations, Dates & Times

  • Pro & Free Leagues - Sun 1st December 2013 - Albion Hotel

  • Pro League Registration opens 11am.

    Final Pro League registration 11:45am for a 12 noon start.

  • Free League Registration opens 11am.

    Final Free League registration 11:45am for a 12 noon start.
  • $10 re-buy registration opens 12:00pm.

    Final registration 1:00pm.

Please don't be late, as it's critical we start the tournaments on time and we don't want to turn latecomers away.

Pro League Grand Final

  • Top 100 on Pro League Ladder qualify.
  • Top 10 on each Pro venue Ladder qualify.

Qualifiers - $200 buy-in

  • Top 10% of the players win cash prizes!

    Free League Grand Final

    • Top 100 on Free League Ladder qualify.
    • Top 10 ranked players receive a FREE 2500 rebuy if they get knocked out before the first break!
    • No buy-in
    • Free League Championship Trophy Prize, nothing of monetary value, but you're playing for the fun and the fame of becoming the Free League Champ!

    There will also be Cash Tables and Sit'n'Goes running for players who wish to play more poker during the events!

    Gaming functions by Permit issued under Section 47 of the Act for Poker for Charity Association