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2/04/2015 3:33:53 AM
Season 27 Grand Finals, and big changes for Season 28 start next week!

Thanks for your support during Season 27, the first of 3 seasons in 2015!

We have the Grand Finals coming up on Sunday week, 12th April, at the Beaumaris Association. The venue will be putting some finger food on again this Grand Final, thanks to the great team at Beaumaris!

Registration opens for Pro and Free Leagues @ 11am, with seating @ 12 midday. The Pro buy-in is $100 and open to all members. It is strictly limited to 5 tables, 40 seats, and first in first served for seats. Be sure to get in as soon after 11am as you can to ensure you get your spot!

More info regarding the Grand Finals can be found at -


New changes to Season 28, starting on Tuesday 7th April!

Thanks to all our members who have made suggestions, discussed possible changes and helped us decide on these following great changes for Season 28!

These changes will be trialled for the first month of Season 28, and may need to be adjusted based on viability for the club, and tournament length with the new structure. We are relying on you, our members, to spread the word of these changes and help grow player numbers, so please share the news!

Pro League changes -

$50 buy-in, ($42 to the cash prize!) freezeout, 12,500 starting stack.

Free League changes -

5000 starting stack, 5000 re-entry/top-up

Cash Table changes -

$2 / $3 blinds, commission capped @ $20 (previously $2 / $5 capped @ $25)

We hope you enjoy these changes and we're looking forward to kicking off Season 28 with a bang!

Good luck in the finals!

Gaming functions by Permit issued under Section 47 of the Act for Beaumaris Sports Association