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31/01/2017 3:59:39 AM
Aussie Millions Results & Woodvale Thurs 2nd Feb is in the Sports Bar!

Woodvale Thursday is in the sports bar!

This Thursday 2nd February, we are going to be in the Sports Bar for the week, due to a huge wake taking up both function rooms where we usually are! :(

Please ask a staff member at the Woodvale for directions to the Sports Bar if you can't find us (it's around the front side of the venue past the drive through bottle shop)

Eddie @ the Aussie Millions - Main event

We were keenly following WAPL member Eddie Fowler's progress in the Aussie Millions this month, and although he unfortunately didn't have a good run in the Main Event, he had a great run in the other events he played!

Eddie's main event Day 1 started slowly, but hurt as Eddie took a couple of nasty beats with superior hands such as AK vs K5, and AQ vs 53.

He saw a nice pot come in with a short stacked double up from the small blind with pocket 6's, hitting a set.

Things were looking like they were turning around when he looked down at pocket Kings vs a raise under the gun. After a nice re-raise, the original raiser shoves, showing AK vs Eddie's KK. The much needed double up failed him as the board ran out 5,6,7,8,9 for a split pot straight, leaving him with 7,500 in chips at 200/400/50 Ante. Devastating.

He went card dead after the Kings, dwindling down to a point where he made a move with A4, running into Jacks, which held, ending Eddie's Main Event run late on Day 1.

Sweet Revenge

After his unfortunate run of cards from the Main Event, Eddie decided to hop into a Main Event satellite. Only after starting the event did he find out that he wasn't able to re-enter the Main Event the next day, but, determined to improve on his performance in the Main Event, he surged onward, dominating the tournament and getting the heads up with a commanding lead.

With the number of entries, they had 1 Main Event seat ($10,000AUD) going to the winner, with 2nd place taking almost as much in cash, so Eddie was more than happy to relinquish his chip lead and take the big cash payout!

A Bit on the Side

Eddie's final event of his Aussie Millions experience saw him cash again in the $1,150 Tournament of Champions, against 202 other players!

After a great 12 hours of poker, he ended the day in the top 18, and with a good chance to run deep into the cash.

The next day saw Eddie run his 58,000 stack into AJ with his pocket 10s, and was looking good right to the river where an Ace dropped, ending his great run in 15th place, with another cash payout!

Thanks for doing WAPL proud over there Eddie!