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24/03/2018 11:52:43 PM
"Trust everyone, but always cut the cards." - Benny Binion

There is one more night of great poker at Woodvale Tavern this coming Thursday 29th of March, and we are happy to announce that our new venue, Scarborough Sportsmen's Club, starts the Thursday after on April 5th!

On our opening night, all poker players will be greeted with a complimentary beer, wine, sparkling, or soft drink to help celebrate our great new location!

Scarborough Sportsmen's Club is located at 75 Deanmore Road, Scarborough, it's more central, a little south of Woodvale, and we will be in an amazing function room with a bar, a great view, much cheaper food and drink options, and a full bistro menu!

We already have at least 1 additional new venue confirmed and starting in May, with potentially up to 2 more, all quality establishments as you're accustomed to for your WAPL events.

You can expect the usual great WAPL Live Table and Cash Table action, the BEST prize payouts for your buy-in ($42 to the cash prize for a
$50 buy-in in our regular Pro games), and the fairest and best tournament structure in WA.

We're looking to expand back to 5-7 events per week again within another couple of months, and we will be running more fun Special events again too!

The date for the first Gold Rush (which we had planned to run at the Woodvale) will be announced shortly, once we confirm dates.

I truly appreciate your support and loyalty, especially in wake of
this news, and hope to see most of you moving forward as we expand to bigger and better venues.

Jason (WAPL)


I strongly believe that the vast majority of players who have played
at a WAPL operated by me know me as a trustworthy, honourable, and fair person and friend who prides himself on doing the right thing by all members, venues, and the many not-for-profits we raise funds for.

Many concerned members had spoken with me regarding rumours that an individual had approached our 10.5 year long-standing Thursday night venue, Woodvale Tavern, with the intent of using a connection within the venue to undermine our event in order to 'steal' it and move it to another league for their own benefit. (Boo!)

I approached the venue owner regarding these rumours, had a meeting, and we mutually agreed to continue running our regular Thursday nights and put an end to these rumours. Hands were shaken, a confirmation email sent, and we were locked in for another 6 months minimum moving forward. (Yay!)

That Thursday I announced the news to our much-relieved members, and all seemed to be business as usual. (Yay!?)
It then came as a shock to me 2 weeks later when I received a call from the venue owner, cancelling us at the end of March. He said that he was approached again after our agreement was made, and "offered a deal he could not refuse" in order to unceremoniously ditch us, agreement notwithstanding, leaving us with 1 day to find a replacement venue for April (which, fear not, we did!) (WTF?)

Apparently, he felt it was OK to cancel our agreement, with his excuse being that he was "not allowed to make such an agreement without his business partner (wife) also agreeing" (Not that she had ever had any involvement in any of our past meetings/agreements). (Poor form! Boo!)

I find it (insert one of many fitting words here) that someone would stoop so low as to make backdoor deals in this manner, along with approaching and attempting to (even now) poach my staff. (ps. please stop trying to call them, 5 times in a day is rather excessive...) (Grr!)

I always consider the moral and ethical choices to be the best ones in business and in life, and hopefully Karma will sort out the rest.
These questionable events have made me decide that it's time to push back and expand our events, venues, and presence in the community once more. (Yay!)

Moving forward, I'd like to thank the *many* of you who have shown
your loyal support to me after this treatment, and I hope that you will support us as we expand, starting with our replacement Thursday night venue which will directly replace the Woodvale event, starting 5th April! ( <3 )