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21/05/2018 4:16:14 AM
The Return of the King of the Hill!

WA Poker League Presents

Date - Wednesday 23rd May, 2018

Time - Registration & Cash Tables from 6pm

 Tournament Start 7:00pm

Cost - $50 buy-in

Location - Sorrento Football Club, Beddi Rd, Duncraig

Get down early! There is a limit of 40 seats

Details - This is a tournament variation we designed ourselves over a decade ago and called King of the Hill. We know you'll enjoy it! Spread the word and join in on the fun!

  • Each player starts the tournament with 8,000 chips, and a "Crown". If you lose your chips, you lose your crown but have a "life" re-entry to continue in the tournament. (Note: This re-entry does not cost money, it is part of the tournament variation)
  • If a crowned player knocks out another crowned player, the losing players crown is removed from the tournament.
  • If an uncrowned player knocks out a crowned player, they get the crown and therefore have another "life" re-entry should they get knocked out again.

The winners are the Top 10% of players with crowns removed from the tournament (by being knocked out by remaining crowned players, and the overall winner (last crowned player remaining) will be crowned "King of the Hill"!

Yes, this means that the tournament may finish whilst other players without crowns are still actively trying to win their crown back to make the money...

Payouts are based on our Payout Structure ($42 entry to prize, $8 to Sorrento FC costs & fundraising.)

There will be Cash Tables and Gold Rush Flips available, so this is definitely an event not to miss!

Other important tournament notes -
  • The "re-entry" for losing a crown is either 4000 in chips OR 2x the current big blind, whichever is greater. (Big blind is based on the hand in which the player was knocked out)
  • If a crowned player is knocked out in a hand with more than one uncrowned player splitting the pot, the uncrowned player with MORE chips takes the crown. If they had identical stacks, the crown goes to the player left of button (worst position relative to the dealer)
  • If a crowned player is taken out in a hand with one uncrowned player splitting the pot with another crowned player, the uncrowned player takes the crown
  • If a shorter stacked uncrowned player is all-in in a hand vs multiple other players, which sees a higher stacked crowned player get knocked out by another player (either crowned or uncrowned), even if the short stacked uncrowned player wins their all-in, if they didn't have the crowned players chips covered, they cannot claim the crown
  • To be eligible for a Crown re-entry, when getting knocked out you MUST immediately raise your hand with the Crown and call over a staff member. If you try to hold off for the next blind change or any other delaying tactic, you will be disqualified from the tournament.

Unless altered above, all WAPL Pro League Rules apply to this tournament.

We look forward to seeing you at the King of the Hill event, and anticipate another great night of poker!

Have you been with us long enough to remember this?

If so, we KNOW you will be looking forward to us bringing our WAPL Original King of the Hill Tournament back for you all! (after 7 long years!)

Gaming Function by Permit issued under Section 47 of the Act for Sorrento Football Club