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28/05/2018 4:38:26 PM

WAPL - Always bringing you more value for your money! First $42/$50 to the night's prize pool, now the MIN WIN Guarantee!

1st place prize guaranteed! Every event, every week!

The calculated 1st place prize for every event will be guaranteed as the MINIMUM prize for 1st place for the following week at the same venue!

For example, if we have 25 players this week @ Whale and Ale, that is $472.50 to first place, and a $472.50 MIN WIN Guarantee for first the following week! If we then smash the guarantee with more players the following week, the MIN WIN Guarantee will increase!

If the following week has less players (say 23 for the example above), 1st place will still win $472.50 from the prize pool, and the MIN WIN Guarantee for the following week will drop to $434.70!

Our payouts are better, our structures are better, and now you get to enjoy our MIN WIN Guarantees at every event!

Spread the word, the more people join in, the bigger this will get!

Gaming Functions by Permit issued under Section 47 of the Act for various not for profit organisations

The MIN WIN Guarantee is being introduced on a trial basis, and we may adjust it over time. If the MIN WIN Guarantee is not met, the remaining prize pool will be divided based on the number of remaining players. For example, if we are paying out Top 4, the winner gets the MIN WIN Guarantee, and 2-4 are then paid out the remaining prize pool based on our Top 3 Payout Structure Percentage (45%, 30%, 25%), and the new MIN WIN Guarantee is based on the 1st place payout for the original Top 4 Payout Structure based on the prize pool on the night. We believe this structure is the fairest and best way to determine the MIN WIN Guarantee, and hope you'll enjoy supporting it.