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13/08/2019 4:28:17 PM
Congratulations to our Season 40 Grand Final Champion!

Our Pro League Grand Final Champion for Season 40 is Will Davidson!

Topping off his amazing current form with a Grand Final win, Will has managed to win all 4 of his last 4 tournaments with us!

Tell us your secret mate!

Besting a field of 29 other players, we saw a Top 4 payout!

Congratulations to our prize winners -

1 - William Davidson - $1000
2 - Jill Maley - $620
3 - Joey Zhang - $498
4 - Craig Flynn - $370

As always, a great fun structure, and a good day had by all!

Thank you again for your support during Season 40, and we look forward to an even bigger Season 41 and Grand Final (proposed for 15th December)